DSC_0057Kristi Beisecker’s artistic foundation is in the study of light, sound and form, and in the creation of works that bridge science and spirituality. Self-identifying as an alternative scientist, Beisecker is intrigued by the patterns of nature and its subtle radiation of energy. She creates her works by exposing electricity over photo-sensitive paper, using elemental flora as subject matter. What results are ethereal silhouettes of flowers, leaves, and vegetation that pulse and glow. Describing this type of contact print photo process as Kirlian Photography, Beisecker focuses her work not on the material nature of the flora, but on the auric energy of plant life. Beisecker, who has a learning disability, has been practicing art since childhood. Trained in graphic design, Beisecker also plays the piano and harp, and is a professional tarot reader. Beisecker is a graduate of Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. – In/Finite Earth

To inspire Kristi’s artistic pursuits she participates in residencies and conducts science-based research trips throughout the world to pursue her ideas and projects. You can keep up with her and her adventures on her blog: .mediumistic.