Kristi Cafe (18)
By, Meghan Hoagland Photography.

Kristi envisions a world where it is possible to visually capture subtle energy that makes up our physical reality. She had divided this energy into light, sound and form and strives to capture its’ existence through an artistic lens by utilizing photographic processing. Her most recent body of work: Electrography – depicts organic materials, which are electrically exposed onto photosensitive paper, which is then developed normally in a darkroom. She has explored the practical applications of biology and physics to her work in electricity. She uses electricity as a medium and the property of conductivity as a material to create intriguing works of art that seem to defy the 3rd dimension. Kristi pushes the established boundaries of art by rethinking the way we take and make photographs, by realizing that the photosensitive paper and light is an interchangeable element, which has broadened her way of thinking of what defines a photograph. Her efforts in photography have made a splash in the art world through her unique and history-making process. Kristi’s electrography work has been exhibited in over 44 exhibitions world-wide within the last 4 years; including exhibiting at the Smithsonian Institution, Romanian Institute for Culture and Humanistic Research, New York City, Cape Cod, France and Italy. Her artistic vision was articulated from a preconceived hypothesis that symbols, signs and glyphs from the ancient world conveyed scientific information that the elite concealed. Kristi’s award-winning, black and white artwork is an expression of the knowledge Kristi has been able to retrieve from indigenous writing. Her artwork believed to capture a life-force energy within organic materials – a belief that is wide spread through many ancient cultures and indigenous tribes.

Artist Statement

Through a symbiosis of art and technology, a subtle radiation of energy within organic materials appears. This energy I have defined and broken down into light, sound and form. The discovery of a subtle radiation of energy within organic materials is derived from a field of science called the Borderland sciences. It is a field of science that bridges science and spirituality together and reinvigorates spiritual phenomena so that it can be recognized and compatible with the scientific method. The importance of such an energy can help us perceive and ‘investigate the existence of unexpected relationships between opposite aspects of everything around us,’ which in turn can improve a greater understanding of each other not to mention possible technological implications.


9 Piece Solo Show