Kristi has been a musician throughout her entire life. She began on the flute through the Suzuki method in 3rd grade and continued her musicianship throughout college. In High School she traveled with the concert band to the Massachusetts Instrumental and Chorale Conductors Association (MICCA) festivals in which the concert band received silver medals.

The fall before freshman year of college she had a surgical procedure that would prevent her from playing the flute normally as the pressure from breathing would effect the area that was surgically worked on. After this defeating moment, and a realization that her path was pointing towards art and design she weaned off the flute and began to learn other instruments. Regardless of the defeat, in college she moved forward and participated in the Moravian College Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Flute Ensemble and Celtic Ensemble.

Kristi has had the privileged of playing on several instruments throughout her life as a musician. In addition to the flute, she has dabbled on the piccolo and didgeridoo, performed on the alto flute, ocarina, (lap) harp and pit percussion and has been a self-taught pianist for over 10 years.

In the spare time she had amongst her studies she focused on music composition. After realizing that while her love of music remained strong she needed to dedicate her remaining time and energy into her art and design. As soon as her art career becomes established and stabilizes, Kristi hopes to return to music composition and release her first album and perform a first concert.

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