I have been a musician all my life. I began playing the flute in the third grade, and continued until my freshman year of college. As a creative outlet I am inspired by music and how similar it can be to design, that it is a composition of many elements in a document or file. While I love composing, I am an artist and graphic designer first-hand and tend to compose on the side. Below are songs that I’ve composed, while short, they display my compositional skills.

In college I began experimenting with different instruments and sounds; sophomore year I participated in the Moravian College Wind Ensemble and Marching Band as a flutist and pit percussion. In the town of Bethlehem, a Celtic-festival happened every year and I was inspired by the amazing musicians who would perform Celtic tunes on various instruments. I took up the lap harp and was taught by a local professor and was taught various Celtic tunes. I also participated in the Celtic Ensemble as a flutist and harpist. During college I had the pleasure of playing in the flute ensemble and performing at the world renown vespers services during the Christmas season.

I have dabbled on the piccolo and didgeridoo, performed on the alto flute, ocarina, (lap) harp and pit percussion and I have been a self-taught pianist for over 10 years.

EP 01
May 2014
LP 01
May 2012 - September 2012
The first four tracks of this album are played and recorded in a practice room I used to use in college called, ‘209’. These songs came towards the end of my college career as it was a highly reflective time for me. The following six months I went through a lot emotionally during the transition back home to Boston. The fifth track of this album is a cover of the “Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring”, a song that is very close to my heart especially now as I had recorded and arranged that song for harp for my grandmother’s funeral. The final two songs, are deep reflections of a lot of pain I was going through in September 2012. After all these years, it’s weird to listen to these songs as they are almost ghosts of my past.