As part of her practice as an artist, Kristi Beisecker is also a psychic and medium. She has studied the tarot and esoteric knowledge since age 13 and she has done professional readings since 2013. In her professional career as a psychic and medium she’s participated in parties throughout Massachusetts. Having an in depth knowledge of the esoteric and spirituality is crucial to her artistic pursuits.


» Professional Psychic Reader at the Tremont Tearoom (2012-2013)

Performed psychic readings for the general public in Downtown Boston as well as participated in parties throughout Eastern Mass. Party types include; New Year’s Eve Masquerade, Sweet Sixteen, etc.

» Lawrence Alumni 73 High School Reunion at National Academy of Sciences in Woodshole, MA (2014)

» Warlocks, Inc’s Festival of the Dead on Halloween in Salem, MA (2015)


Hire Kristi as your next Tarot Reader

If you are interested in hiring Kristi as a tarot reader for a party or event please contact her through: info@kglyphics.com and she will respond with rates and a quote.

Click the image above to be taken to my Oranum profile. You’ll need access to their site however to request a reading from me.

Experiences as a Psychic


It’s Not Everyday You Meet A SoothSayer

Hire Kristi as your next Tarot Reader

If you are interested in hiring Kristi as a tarot reader for a party or event please contact her through: kristibeisecker@gmail.com and she will respond with rates and a quote.

“Kristi. You were a big hit at our event on Saturday night. Everyone said how amazing you were. Thank you so much for your professionalism and gifted talents. Wishing you all the best for the fall.”
Best regards,
Steve and Deb

“I didn’t have much knowledge of Tarot readings until I inquired with Kristi. She was sure to thoroughly explain each card that came up in my reading, and gave me wonderful insight into my life. Her description of me was spot on, and she was able to analyze different situations I was involved in. One of the most amazing moments during a reading was when I gave Kristi minimal information about a health problem I was having, and she pinpointed the specific part of my body that was being affected. After asking if my condition might be serious, she was able to tell me that my fears would be for naught. A few weeks later I received results from my doctor that I was 100% fine. Kristi has also been able to inform me of upcoming events such a promotion at work, and valuable insight about the people in my life. I always look forward to a reading with her because I know I will walk away with much information!

Lastly, and perhaps my favorite thing, is that Kristi always takes the time to explain every aspect and implication of the cards. She adds her own detailed description of what the card may mean for me, and asks me further questions to really clarify understanding. Kristi is absolutely fantastic and truly has a gift! I would highly recommend her to anyone!” -Debra

Festival of the Dead Festival of the Dead

“Kristi’s readings are insightful, illuminiating, and relevant for multiple topics. Her immediacy and deep familiarity with the cards and spreads makes her especially valuable as a reader.” – Gwendolyn
“Kristi was very insightful and eerily accurate. She took the time to be sure that I understood, and really gave me some great insights. She has a deep spiritual understanding and a deep relationship with the cards, and her readings are immediate and valuable.

She asks many questions to clarify understanding and to give personal depth to meaning of the cards.” – Emily