Kristi had her first freelance design project in 2010 doing a wireframe for a website and remembers the name of the company to this day… within 7 years of freelancing Kristi has worked for a variety of companies – mainly start-ups and small businesses – on their graphic design and branding. Through this work, she has learned to sell her freelance work to specific audiences, and let her work speak for itself. Clients come to Kristi for her expertise and skill in graphic designing and agility in completing a project. Through her work in web design and web development, Kristi gained a WPM of 70-75, this allows her to complete written projects with ease and timeliness.

In her professional career, Kristi has worked with Minuteman Press New England, The Yankee Candle Co, Deluxe Corporation and most recently Time, etc. These places taught her a variety of office specific skills which have made Kristi a valuable designer to work with. Through her expertise in commercial printing, you can be rest assured your project will print correctly the first time!

A Selection of Books, Magazines and Publications Both Print and Online.
A selection of publications in which my art and writing are featured for both print and online.
  • Aperion Review: Issue 7

    Our biggest issue yet, Apeiron Review Issue 7 contains a healthy mix of first-time and award-winning writers. Writers include Kelly Andrews, Gregory App, Hannah Baggott, Allie Marini Batts, Kristi Beisecker, Srah Bence, Michael Bernicchi, Heather Browne, Tim Buck, Finn Butler, Shawn Campbell, Michael Cooper, Matthew Connolly, Will Cordeiro, Francis Davis, Gina DeCagna, Michelle Donahue and many others.

    Aperion Review: Issue 7

  • Welcome to issue 1 of Of/with: journal of immanent renditions.  I am very pleased to present many of the finest neoteric artists creating across various mediums.  This journal was created for many reasons, with one being from the perspective of wanting to display artistic endeavors from many of my favorite artists, for, I am an admire of many that are creating today.  With this issue, I am able to present artists whose work I've enjoyed for many years, in addition

    to exhibiting the work from many  previously unknown to me.  I too hope you will enjoy the work displayed here, and I thank you for taking the time to peruse and interact.  

    Felino A. Soriano Of/With: Issue 1

  • Introduction I became an artist in residence at La Macina di San Cresci in May 2015. My proposal was to photograph plants native to Tuscany region using a process - electrography - I had invented as well as digitally photographed. This book is the result of this work during this residency - which was also a continuation of my research in light, sound and form. While in Greve in Chianti, Italy - where I stayed - I was reminded of the religious concept of INRI. As a spiritualist, I was attracted

    to the gnostic meaning of INRI - Ignis Natura Renovatur Integram - Fire Unceasingly Renews Nature. My process - electrography - photographs the water within plants and flowers when zapped by electricity and the light from the electrocution is exposed on paper. To me, there is a lot of similarities to the ancient INRI and the concept behind this photography. Electrography is based on the spiritual concept that organic materials - living things - contain a life-force energy and that this is

    captured in these black and white photograms. But also, the life-force being compared to the 'fire' in INRI - that which renews nature. - Kristi Beisecker

    Kristi Beisecker Ignis Natura Renovatur Integram

  • Degenerates: Voices for Peace is an anthology of poetry made to spark the tough conversations; made to open up ideas about reoccurring and troubling issues going on among us all. We feature works of several topics such as Bullying, Domestic Violence, War, Sexuality, Free Speech and much more. These artists have come together to share and shed some insight on the current state of the world and where we all may be headed. We present ourselves to you, illustrious readers, and hope that our words

    leave something with you. Degenerates: Voices for Peace is published through Weasel Press, an indie publisher seeking to publish the best literature in an already hectic world. The anthology features several amazing and enthusiatic poets and artists. They are: Martin Appleby, Michael Garrett Ashby II, Gary Beck, Bruce Boston, Cathy Bryant, Jane Chance, Nicole Deardorff, Szabo Eduard Dragomir, M.J. Duggan, Robin Wyatt Dunn, R.K. Gold, John Grey, Azreil Hayes, Kevin Heaton, Sarah Henry, Ce Jac,

    Mathias Jansson, Sonia Karen, P.A. Levy, Vimeesh Maniyur, Strider Marcus Jones, J.W. Mark, Stephen McQuiggan, Kai Neidhardt, Scott Thomas Outlar, Kristin Perkins, Richard King Perkins II, Dustin Pickering, David S. Pointer, Neil S. Reddy, Lavinia Roberts, Meggie Royer, Jessica Therese, William S. Tribell, Jane “The Rev” Wenninger, Lynn White, Dr. Ernest Williamson III, Abigail Wyatt   Weasel Press (Author), Jane Chance (Author), David S. Pointer (Author), Scott Thomas Outlar

    (Author), Richard King Perkins II (Author), Michael Garrett Ashby II (Author), Bruce Boston (Author), Gary Beck (Author), Cathy Bryant (Author), Robin Wyatt Dunn (Author), Jessica Budge (Author), R. K. Gold (Author), Ce Jac (Author), Meggie Royer (Author), Strider Marcus Jones (Author), Kevin Heaton (Author), Lynn White (Author), P. A. Levy (Author), John Goslee (Author), Neil S. Reddy (Author), Abigail Wyatt (Author)

    Weasel Press (Author) Degenerates: Voices for Peace

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Brown Rice: Autumn – Winter 2014 2014: 22-26. Print. Magazine: contains other authors/contributions; editor Gwendolyn Lyeth Burton.

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