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a brief history
From 2010 – 2012, I kept an academic blog of what was essentially deciphering indigenous glyphs and writing, which steamed from my interest in graphic design. I was inspired by the ancient glyphs and noticed a trend in research regarding ancient writing and mystery school knowledge. This blog gained a lot of traction – 52,000+ views within the span of the 2 years it was in existence, at the moment it’s archived and transformed various times since then into other blogs. Through this research and documentation of it, it gained the attention of the infamous researcher, Dan Winter (of on his article of “Dictionary of Jesus Physics” using religious terminology from the Bible to explain the physics of the universe.

A little later, an anonymous scholar published some of my findings in a paper on on indigenous writing on the Rongorongo and the Indus Script. Shortly following, another anonymous scholar published my research findings in a 128 page paper on the “Mark of the Beast” citing correlations between the iching and the genetic code and the “Mark of the Beast”. A tabloid blog, ‘the Daily Dan’ reposted an article snippet of my findings of the similarities of Obama’s logo and an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic. A reader reposted an article about my insight on the Star of David geometry and its’ association to hypnotic control and the concentration of energy. An original article, “Orion Presence” was spotted cited in

I left academic writing and research to concentrate on my graphic design career but it has inspired my desire to pursue art and science. In the ways of Mother Nature and the teachings from my spiritual path, I’ve been told to always go back to my roots. These are my roots, reading and deciphering ancient signs, symbols and glyphs to reveal ancient scientific information about our universe and the reality we live in. Considering the nature of the subject, it’s been rather a slow process in understanding these ancient glyphs. I have plans in the future to delve even further into this research as it’s brought me this far in the field of art, science and spirituality.

current projects
exhibition and publication release May 2018
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, North American Orchid Conservation Center

Learn more about the project here: www.orchid.parnters

Much of my research interests can be described as “borderland sciences” which focus on the study of parapsychology and extended consciousness. It has since expanded in scope to traverse as broad a path of the grand terrain of the borderland as may be uncovered by human perceptions (and perhaps even further). The Borderland Sciences Research Foundation in California holds an extensive archive of this type of work. The main goal of Borderland Sciences is the curation and distribution of historical papers and books on energy, healing, and consciousness, providing a framework for understanding and continued research, and offering support to scientific minds exploring the unconventional regions of thought we call “borderland”.

While conventional science may or may not accept the above as legitimate areas of study, phenomena happen and as intellectuals and scholars it’s important to me that we continue these studies against all scientific dogma.

research projects
Microscopy 01

I recently bought a digital microscope to experiment with microscopy imaging. I am excited to see where this takes me. My two goals for this is to work out the

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One of the most amazing moments during a [psychic] reading was when I gave Kristi minimal information about a health problem I was having, and she pinpointed the specific part of my body that was being affected. After asking if my condition might be serious, she was able to tell me that my fears would be for naught. A few weeks later I received results from my doctor that I was 100% fine.
New Clients – Bowflex Barbie Fitness and Kathmandu Infosys

Happy to welcome Bowflex Barbie and Kathmandu Infosys into my ‘client family’. These past few weeks have been extremely busy with moving among other things. Transitioning from one way of

GOSHEN, CT – NE Balloon Festival

          GOSHEN, CT – I had been meaning to make a post of about this! But not much happened, so I wasn’t sure how to tell

PV Mycological Association – Microscopy Workshop

LEEDS, MA – Last weekend, I attended the mycological association’s microscopy workshop and learned how to create a slide and use a microscope. This is something I’ve been wanting to

Photo Projects Wrap Up

    New Electrography Images Sometime back in May after starting my new job, I went to the Vermont Center for Photography to expose a new round of electrographic images.

NORTHAMPTON, MA – Mushroom Walk

Last Sunday, I went on my second mushroom walk. Unfortunately, it was cut short due to unexpected rain. A member of our group did find black American truffles, though. Next


WEST CHESTERFIELD, MA – Last Sunday I went on my first mushroom walk with the Pioneer Valley Mycological Society! It was great meeting like-minded people and getting to know the

I had the pleasure to work with Kristi in the organization of our last international art exhibition. It happened to be a great partner for the conception of our visual marketing materials. Kristi Beisecker understood immediately our vision for this event, and helped us build our visual identity as well as her reactivity was a great plus during our collaboration.



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