Welcome to Artist Wayfaring! Through my many years of experience with travel, I have embarked on a new service journey to provide the lowest cost travel available for Artists.

Many artists travel as a source of inspiration, but it shouldn’t cost them an arm and a leg. Through the magic of the internet, I am here to help YOU save money, reduce planning time and make sure your Ts are crossed and Is dotted!

On this page you will find the travel planning services listed.


– Consultation to discuss your goals and interests

– Hotel suggestions tailored to your budget and preferences

– Sightseeing and restaurant recommendations tailored to your interests and tastes

– Flight booking advice for the best routes and top frequent flier mile redemptions

– Car rental options for your itinerary

– Train and ferry and other regional transport booking advice

– Optimization based on your frequent traveler memberships

– Visa advice if your trip requires a visa

– Custom travel guide with tailored recommendations and detailed maps

get started!

Photo Projects Wrap Up

    New Electrography Images Sometime back in May after starting my new job, I went to the Vermont Center for Photography to expose a new round of electrographic images.

NORTHAMPTON, MA – Mushroom Walk

Last Sunday, I went on my second mushroom walk. Unfortunately, it was cut short due to unexpected rain. A member of our group did find black American truffles, though. Next


WEST CHESTERFIELD, MA – Last Sunday I went on my first mushroom walk with the Pioneer Valley Mycological Society! It was great meeting like-minded people and getting to know the

PUTNEY, VT – High Meadows Farm

This week I started a full-time job as a graphic designer at River Valley Co-op! I’m super excited to start this next chapter in my life! The job is also

MONTAGUE, MA – Montague Book Mills

Montague, MA Last Thursday I had an interview at a local farm in Western Mass. I took the time afterwards to do some site seeing. Amongst my artist circle many have

About Afrika Tours

ABOUT AFRICA About Africa is a Company that educates and connects people from Uganda, Africa and all over the world to Ugandan Tourism and Trade via creating measureable changes in